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The state of California has a wealth of diversity, with individuals that have come from around the world. While some of these people have been able to gain citizenship, some may still be in the process and are considered to be an immigrant. This means that they are not given the same level of rights and protection, particularly when they face criminal accusations. The penalties for a non-citizen can be harsh, possibly even requiring them to leave the country. If you or a loved one is in this situation, speak with a Woodland Hills criminal lawyer immediately to discuss the options that are available to you. The longer you wait to seek help the worse your situation may become.

There are different situations that you may be in as a non-citizen and this can carry importance in your case. You may be on the road to becoming a citizen, you may have the right to enter and stay even though you are not seeking naturalization or you may not have a legal immigration status. If you are an undocumented alien then your situation can differ from what a legal alien can expect. In any case, there may be options available to you and we can review your case to determine this.

Potential Penalties for Non-Citizens

If you are a non-citizen in the country, a conviction can lead to a number of repercussions. You may lose your visa, be denied citizenship, lose your green card, face exclusion or even deportation. A criminal charge is always a serious matter, but it can become even more detrimental when you face the risk of being removed from a place you have come to call home or where the rest of your family is. If you are a visa holder, Legal Permanent Resident, Refugee, Asylee or other type of legal alien, certain crimes may lead to deportation. These can include domestic violence, drug crimes, moral turpitude, aggravated felonies and crimes involving a firearm.

If you are undocumented and are seeking admission to the country, the government may make the choice to remove you if you face a conviction for a crime of moral turpitude, prostitution, drug trafficking or multiple convictions. Being faced with a possible deportation charge does not mean that you will in fact be deported. Fighting a charge is important in all situations, as a conviction can also affect your status even if you are not facing the possibility of removal from the country. In addition to the consequences as an immigrant, you can also deal with the penalties of a sentence.

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Since both criminal law and immigration law come in to play in these cases, it is critical that you work with someone who understands both sides. As a former prosecutor our criminal defense lawyer has a strong understanding of the legal system and what to expect before moving forward with a case. This allows us to prepare for the unexpected and to build a solid defense. We know that many criminal matters can come up at the most inconvenient time for you, which is why someone from our firm can be reached 24 hours a day.

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